Dating an investment banker brian krause dating

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Dating an investment banker

Regardless, follow the long lines and shitty music, and you’ll find yourself flanked by Fulton Street foxes.Go To: How to Act Girls in banking are like wilted flowers.

If we do sleep with him, he’ll probably thank us in the morning.

Now, they are drones devoid of self-confidence and social nothings.

This, while tragic, is a very favorable turn of events for you.

She works 80-100 hour weeks, perpetually talks likes she’s job interviewing, and is obsessed with fashion magazines and teeny-bopper television shows.

But, despite her eye-gouge-inducing personality and conformist tastes, she has many attractive qualities.

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He’s 25 for at least ten years and parties like it by clubbing at Lavo with his IB besties, read: a mixed bag of inappropriately old/married men and the younger bros he does coke with.