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Dating with nick name turkey

She smiles, and he nervously asks how her boyfriend is doing, so she tells him that they broke up with a nervous, "Good riddance - just kidding!" before she asks about his plans for Thanksgiving.

Paul, dressed as a giant squash, approaches to thank her for helping out backstage, telling her it's made a big difference to the show this year.

The word Turk is of unknown origin, but it’s used in such varying languages as Italian, Arabic, Persian, and many others to refer to people from this region.

The land occupied by the Turks was known as the Ottoman Empire from the 1300s until 1922, but following World War I and the fall of the Ottomans, the republic of Turkey was declared, taking on the name that had long referred to that region.

But the next time you think about turkey, you can nod to guinea fowls for their Turkish associations.

Genzlinger is a music teacher at Jess' former school, who also has a background in musical theatre.

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By 1575, the English were enjoying the North American bird at Christmas dinner, and Shakespeare talked about it in Henry IV.