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“I was supposed to hand in my thesis for my MBA last year and a few weeks before deadline and I procrastinate a lot, so just a few more weeks before deadline and I had 10,000 words to write and it was quite challenging and I finally wrote and I got a 69 percent on my dissertation.” She revealed that she loves watching fictional movies and romantic comedy and she rates the Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men, the Big Bang theory, walking dead as some of her favourite series.

I kno my God as a better prefect partner for me and nomatter how long it takes how far u are 2 reach me my Husband ma Friend please stay strong am here praying day and night for u.“I actually don’t have a very interesting life, it is quite boring. I also love horseback riding, eating and cooking, I actually love good food,” she said. “I have 17 siblings and I love all of them and they are so dear to me. I also three elder sisters and four younger sisters, three elder brothers and a younger one,” she said.I know some people feel like I always have a gas when I wake up. Iris also clarified that she is still interested in running for public office but feared that Zambian politics are not yet attractive for young people like her.Please take time to know me, i'v got a son who is 5yrs old but he stays with my sister, feel free to a I am simple ,shy,tolerant, I appreciate honesty and patience above al I.i am more of an introvert but really open up when am comfortable with someone, I prefer indoor activities.I would go to great lengths for a good cause and admire someone who would do the same.

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Iris mentioned NAREP President Elias Chipimo and former Matero MP Miles Sampa as some of the politicians she greatly admires for their inspirational approach to politics and that she would like to work with them.