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It doesn't simply fall off the table - it falls off the table while moving a good horizontal 4-8 inches.So you can see why this pitch is so difficult for hitters to square up.You can also see that his curveball release point was a little higher than the one he used for his heater.From what I can tell, this has been a pretty consistent phenomenon across starts dating back to last year, and gun to my head I'd say this is how Bedard compensates for throwing a curve with so much break.

It seems like this might be a bit of a pitch-tip, but given how successful he was in 2007, it doesn't strike me as being a major concern.Once again you can see him trying to use the curve to induce weak contact off the end of the bat.With the fastball generally being up and away and the curve being down and away, it must've been difficult for left-handed hitters to distinguish between them, as they would've been in the same area until the curve fell off the table at the end.Interesting that, against lefties, Bedard didn't throw a single pitch below the knees.Small sample size warnings apply, but based on this it seems like he'd rather see lefties flail than swing over something low.

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Bedard pitched the best game of his career in July of 2007, striking out 15 Texas Rangers hitters while allowing just two hits and no walks in a complete game shutout.

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