Hot phone chat

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Hot phone chat

You'll also see a handy-dandy mute or deafen icon pop up if anyone decides to Discord-mute (or deafen) themselves as well.Additionally, calls can be joined / left at any time.Pinned messages will show when you click the icon and view the window.You can un-pin them, or jump directly to where they were in chat by clicking the "jump" icon, and show them to your friends. If you want to add users to the current group DM you're in, you can use this button.A Davidson County grand jury indicted a woman last week for filing a false report after they found she lied about being raped in her hotel room.According to the arrest warrant, Melisa Anne Atchley, 33, later admitted lying to a Metro sex crimes detective after she told police in November that an unknown male and female forced their way into her room at the Hamilton Inn at 837 Briley Pkwy.

Pro Tip: Sure, there's a big red button labeled "leave call", but if you wanna see the fruits of our hard-earned labor, click the same call button in the top menu bar.Finally, you have the recent mentions and support articles icons.Those aren't specific to DMs, but they're helpful all the same.You'll be able to chat with your friends without worrying about roles or managing invites, just add your friends and rock.There are a couple of neat tips and tricks to put your group DM into Clicking this icon will go ahead and initiate a call between you and all other members of the group DM.

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Clicking this icon will mute notifications for the group DM specifically.

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