Jill scott and lamman rucker dating 2016

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I would say emotional currency, time, energy and effort, those things are currency.

And if we spend those on multiple women, then you run the risk of running out or being too tired to give her some sexual attention, giving her that backrub.

Now, for the next six months, we might not see much of each other because I'm working on a film or I'm over here doing a play. I'd love to see you, but I'm also committed to being out there in the community and uplifting other people.

So for a lot of women, they've got to de-program themselves with, "You're still important, but this other stuff is also important." But a lot of women feel like, "No, you make time for the things that you really want." My family is important to me. So either come on in, get in the struggle with me, or observed and understand what I'm doing.

There's a couple of men that, to this day are alive only because my brother is dead, because I would have definitely taken the altercation to a whole 'nother level. I listened to the good voices, not the evil voices.' LAMMAN ON HIS STANDARDS FOR WOMEN: 'My standards for a woman are very high.

And it would have been a tragic end for at least one of us, most likely them, had I not had the self-control to say, "You know what? Let me back up off of this" [because] his had no idea how close he got to be being ripped from this planet. That means if you step this way, you better come correct because if you can't have an intelligent conversation, if you don't have any self-esteem, I'm going to come off like I'm a wolf or I'm arrogant and you ain't going to be able to keep up.

Just because they're important doesn't mean they're always going to be the number one priority, especially at that time.

I had to realize "Why would you do that when that's exactly where we lost him? It just didn't make any sense to put my family through that.

" And I understood, even though it was unfair that there was a lot more expected of me because now I'm the only boy left. Sometimes I'm afraid that if my brother had still been here... I didn't let these little macho games and all that kind of stuff overpower me.

I definitely enjoyed that part and see myself doing more of that in the future.

Since your character in the movie is thrown into a lovers’ triangle, have you ever been cheated on and found out about it? But at the same time, those are past relationships so at this point it wouldn’t really affect me now anyway.

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Being too tired to think of something romantic to say or do.