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The book begins with the question of why love is so absent in discussions of contemporary upheavals across the globe (an observation which parallels similar findings of the absence of love in relationship narratives: Carter, 2013).

Horvat’s aim, however, is not simply to write love back into these accounts but rather to point towards the need for love to be reinvented (revolutionised) in order for it to have true meaning; but more than this, the revolution and reinvention of love should also be a concomitant process in any revolutionary processes.

Thus, again, the book elucidates a repression of desire, sex, love, at the hands of a controlling regime who clearly see the (counter-)revolutionary potential in these forces.In the closing pages of the book, revolution is elevated still further and in its idealised all-encompassing form is equated by Horvat to the godly realms of devotion.The main problem is that, while ambitious in scope, the argument falls down due to a lack of theorisation of love throughout the book; while elsewhere, there has been considerable thought given to the nature and scope of love: see for example Hardt and Negri (2009), May (2011), Langford (1999), Evans (2003), Secomb (2007).This transformation of ‘serious discussion’ to ‘pseudo-revolutionary’ frivolity is illustrated through various cultural products: Adair’s novel and the social media app Grindr.The integration between a political ideology of love and these media and other cultural artefacts is fascinating and successfully accomplished.

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The question, however, is to what extent are we really living in an age of ‘cold intimacies’ and ‘liquid love’?

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