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You have a very small penis and I can’t help but laugh and humiliate you about your small penis. Certainly, you can’t blame me for laughing or wanting to take pictures and show my girlfriends. If you are looking for a small dick humiliation phone sex call, then you need to not look any further. I am the one that will humiliate you just the way you need. I don’t owe them anything and I am not going to pretend to either. If you are a tiny dick loser, I will call you out on it. Let me remind you, your excuses don’t mean shit to me. So, put on your best panties and call me so I can make fun of your sorry ass.Of course, I just have to compare your little peter to the boys that I used to babysit or to my boyfriend’s super sexy 8 inch cock. You know that you can never satisfy me or any other lady with that little thing, but you know how I find teasing you so entertaining. Let me make fun of you as I engage in some SPH with you today! There is nothing that I cannot stand more than a dumb loser! I mean I don’t really want to waste my time with them. Humiliation phone sex is something that I happen to be very good at. Have you rub your little I know your there surfing the web looking at pictures of girls you will never have.They then make you either take a strap-on up your slutty ass and be fucked till you can barely walk straight to prepare you for when you are pimped out as a cheap fuck or they will have you on your knees scrubbing the toilet or licking it clean with your tongue.

Imagine that, being made to be a superior female to let you do something once in a blue moon that most other men do multiple times a day. Each of the domes is also experienced in role play scenarios and can act out a specific fantasy you might have as well.

Perhaps she will shut your cock in a chastity cage and forbid you from getting hard?

Making you perform degrading tasks in order to earn your release.

My pussy is too good for that tiny, little thing you like to call a dick. Other girls may have said they were satisfied with it but they were lying. I must have something written on my forehead that attracts them to me. So if I am forced to, they better be prepared for a bitch. Give me a call but be prepared to hear the truth as I see it. You sit in front of your computer and stroke your cock looking at girls like me.

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