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By grating, wetting, and pressing the loaf sugar into a 400-slot mold, then letting it dry overnight, Rad’s factory was able to turn out perfectly uniform, individually portioned units of sugar.

After their resounding success at home, Rad dedicated a corner of his factory’s production floor to his new invention, and with a small staff of women and girls was soon turning out 10 tons of cubes a day, selling them across Europe but primarily to Vienna, whose café culture was hungry for an easier, more hygienic coffee-sweetening option.

Over the course of 10 years, from 1845-1854, British sugar consumption increased more than 30 times, 90% of which came from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Caribbean countries.

By 1900, fully 20% of the calories in the average British diet came from sugar.

UPDATE (September 2015): I am currently filing the Grace Webster archive here: When the task was done, I went to Ramsgate & spent 10 days at , taking hot sea baths, and a dose of ultra rest--then a few days at Margate on Sea--then a rush to Malvira [? OCLC lists an edition of 1885, by the same publisher, with very few holding libraries of either edition. The plot is based on the motif of a young woman's love for a man who believes he has committed murder (cf.

Later sugar artists would delight in trompe l’oeil designs; at a Venetian banquet given for Henri III of France in the mid-16th century, every piece of the 1,200-piece table setting was made of sugar, including the tablecloth.

The automation of the sugar extraction process in the early 19th century, as it coincided with the industrialization of the production of a great number of consumer goods, created a consumerist middle class with access to an unprecedented amount of stuff.

The rectilinear sugar cube may be on its way out, but its mission—encapsulating the needs and values of an age in a kernel of sweetness—lives on.

years ago I read about the discovery, in the chimney of an old house, of an archive of manuscript and other material relating to Grace Webster (q.v.), a forgotten Scottish writer of the 19th century. Though I suppose I must fall off and wear out someday! Of course, it transpires in the end that he is not a murderer; in this case, someone came along after the hero had wounded the man - who, needless to say, is a villain of the worst order whom the world is far better off without - and delivered the fatal blow.

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The only criteria for inclusion, really, are that they wrote in English and that I felt their works were, one way or another, of sufficient interest for me to buy a copy! In the Clerk's Office of the district Court of the Eastern district of Pennsylvania. If the mother's account is to be taken at face value, the child showed himself capable of religious discourse almost before he was out of his nappies, and it seems he and his mother hardly ever discussed anything else. The British Library has a copy of the first edition, but OCLC lists only the second (1855) edition, and only four holding libraries of that. He looked like a lad of eighteen or twenty or so--so young & boyish & delicate. There is a useful website, Juliana Horatia Ewing and Her Books, which includes a link to an online version of the text.

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